Awakened Imaging is the result of a creative union between Locian Photography and Commercial Drone Media. Both now one.

Multi award winning creative; Paul Wright, is a freelance, commercial photographer and highly experienced commercial drone pilot with hundreds of registered hours in the air. Also having experience in cinematography.

Quote:-  "My work is about seeing through the mist and continuing to capture the fleeting moments of light, shape, form and beauty in our natural world. Creating award winning, artistic captures taken from "Land & Air with Care" so I can help people to see."  - Paul W.

My style is that of story telling, often dark and alluring but always capturing the light, we love contrasty and moody.

Prints and artwork are available through my galleries here plus several other outlets. Please contact for details

Please note; we DO NOT use AI in any of our workflow, all of our images are that of our own creative processes. 


All images & website content is ©2024 Paul A Wright;

working as Awakened Imaging, previously Locian Photography & Commercial Drone Media.

All rights strictly reserved. Digital usage rights may be purchased for certain works.

Awards & Recognition

If you wish to see more of our award winning images they can be found HERE on our original Locian Photography website which is still live.

We are a member of "The Societies".

Established in 1988 under the Chairmanship of Derek Avery, the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers was founded to service the needs of professional wedding and portrait photographers, whether in full or part-time occupations.

Founded at much the same time, the British Professional Photographers Associates under the leadership of Nigel Greenstreet, were working with similar goals but encompassed a broader range of photographers.

Early in January 2000, the Chief Executive of SWPP  Philip Jones, was delighted to announce the merger between these two prominent organisations, under the umbrella of the SWPP. In a joint statement they believed that the new society would form one of the strongest photographic organisations in the UK, and their commitment to improving already high standards would be of benefit to all.   Find out more HERE.

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